DataJocks is a
 data-driven athlete performance intelligence sport technology company. 

We partner with Sports Teams/Players to understand and mitigate unnecessary soft tissue injuries by leveraging our plug and play real-time activity tracking solutions and services.

MB360ai Features

AI integrated athlete performance training and monitoring platform that combines athlete performance and mental data from the following:

Weight room

Training room



Mental health assessments

Personality assessments

Daily player rated exertions


GPS Tracking


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Our Story

Our journey began at DataJocks, with the vision to empower athletes with AI driven performance intelligence solutions. It has evolved to empower the community of coaches and support staff that work with the athlete on a day to day basis.

Our Vision

By leveraging People, Processes, Technology, and Data, our goal is to reduce athlete injuries, increase mental stability, and maximize performance.


We are a cloud-based performance intelligence sports technology company that leverages a suite of tools to better serve our clients.

Contact Info


502 494-2710



911 Washington Ave, Suite 501
St. Louis, Mo 63101
502 494-2710
911 Washington Ave, Suite 501
St. Louis, Mo 63101
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