Introducing "The Edge" our next generation Neuro-Cognitive Training solution.


Neuro-Cognitive Solution Training


  • Neuro-Cognitive Solution Training
  • Expanding Out Reflexion

  • Memory Saccade Reflexion

  • Minefield Reflexion

  • N Plus One Reflexion

  • Rale Reflexion

  • Pursue Reflexion

  • Simple Reaction Time Reflexion

  • Waterfall Reflexion


Neuro-Cognitive Solution Training

Neuro-Cognitive Solution Training Assessment focuses
on 5 key Cognitive Areas:

Eye-Hand Coordination
Measures how well you can accurately move your hands and fingers to a specific place in your visual field.

Measures how well you can stop yourself from an action that you are prepared to conduct and how quickly you can determine when to act in the face of distractions.

Measures understanding of what needs to be done now versus later.

Reaction time
Measures of how quickly you can initiate an action.

Measures how well one can follow a target and maintain hand coordination in response to rapid velocity changes.
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